What this Summit is all about

As women, we’ve been taught SO LITTLE about our hormones, and yet they are the captain controlling the ship that is our bodies! Not only do our hormones impact us physically, but they are the deciding factor in our mental health. And there are far too many of us currently suffering with debilitating stress, anxiety, and depression. Not to mention that our current healthcare system struggles to believe women and their pain, and if they do, a prescription or surgery is their answer. After my own fibroid-surgery-gone-wrong, my mission became understanding women’s hormones as best as I could – and sharing this knowledge with women far & wide so that YOU can make the best decision for YOUR body. I’ve been lucky to meet some of the leading, cutting-edge hormonal experts in the game, and they inspired me to put together the first Hormone Summit in 2019. Now we’re back with the 2020 Hormone Summit, twice as big and includes experiential hormone support along with all of the fantastic information from our guest experts!

Course curriculum

    1. Terms and Conditions

    2. How Your Gut Impacts Your Hormones with Christine Garvin

    3. Eating For Your Cycle – Dr. Beth Westie

    4. Bhangra for the Body and Soul with Vicki Virk

    5. The Connection Between Your Thyroid and Your Hormones with Nicole Jardim

    6. Empower Your Choices Around Birth Control with Jenna Longoria

    7. Embodied Breath Breathing and Meditation Series with Sarah Poet

    8. Fertility Through Your 40s with Dr. Cleopatra

    9. Post-Natal Self Care as a Practice with TaKisha August

    10. EFT on Vulnerability with Christine Garvin

    11. Utilizing the Dutch Test for Hormone Imbalances with Dr. Debbie Rice

    12. Saliva Hormone Panels for Cycling Women with Margaret Floyd

    13. Yoga and Hormone Health with Le’Nise Brothers

    14. Aging Gracefully Through Perimenopause and Menopause with Rachel Hughes

    15. Yoga For Hormone Support with Amber Kleid

    16. Energy Practices to Support Hormonal Health with Kambra Meyer

    17. More Bonuses!

About this course

  • $39.00
  • 17 lessons

During this course, you’ll learn:

  • How your gut, liver, and adrenals are tied to your hormone health

  • Eating for your cycle

  • What your thyroid is up to, and why that may be key to your hormonal imbalance

  • That your fertility is not broken, and you can have the baby of your dreams!

  • How to best support your body postpartum

  • Which birth control options are best and safest for you

  • Deep dive into functional hormone testing, including the DUTCH test and Diagnostechs eFHP panel

  • Working with trauma and emotions to help regulate your stress and menstrual cycle

  • Aging gracefully through perimenopause and menopause

  • How yoga is a fantastic way to help balance out hormones

Bonus material

  • Specific yoga poses to reduce stress

    $50 value

  • Using AIT and EFT to calm your system

    $125 value

  • Breathing exercises that will reduce cortisol, the underlying hormone to all your sex hormones

    $99 value

More Bonuses

  • Bhangra dancing to connect to de-stress and connect to joy and spirit

    $75 value

  • Health Eating Recipes

    $50 value

    Healthy, veggie-based smoothies recipe list and Paleo Bread recipe to get you off gluten but not off the bread!

  • Nightime Ritual worksheet

    $100 value

    Guide to getting you the sleep you need to help regulate hormones.