What this Summit is all about

As menstruating people, we’ve been taught SO LITTLE about our hormones, and yet they are the captain controlling the ship that is our bodies! Not only do our hormones impact us physically, but they are the deciding factor in our mental health. And there are far too many of us currently suffering with debilitating stress, anxiety, and depression. Not to mention that our current healthcare system struggles to believe women and their pain, and if they do, a prescription or surgery is their answer. After my own fibroid-surgery-gone-wrong, my mission became understanding menstruating women’s hormones as best as I could – and sharing this knowledge far & wide so that YOU can make the best decision for YOUR body. I’ve been lucky to meet some of the leading, cutting-edge hormonal experts in the game, and they inspired me to put together the first Hormone Summit in 2019. I brought it back last year in 2020, and now we’re here with the biggest one yet – the 2021 Hormone Summit! Much of the information is geared towards cycling or menopausal women but there are many interviews that offer information to non-cycling and trans people.

Course curriculum

    1. Terms and Conditions

    2. Own Your Fertility And Cycle With FAM – Lisa Hendrickson-Jack

    3. Hormone Basics: Minerals, Meat, and Mindset – Tara Thorne

    4. Adrenals For The Hormone Win – Marieke Steen

    5. How Hormones And Your Skin Are Connected – Dr. Terry Loong

    6. The Power Of Deep Pelvic Manipulation - Jennfier Mercier

    7. Thyroid Health and Sex Hormones - Dr. Rachel Vong

    8. Mold, EMFs, Environmental Toxins and Your Body - Dr. Stephanie McCarter

    9. Living With Long Haulers and Its Impact on Hormones - Dr. Jessica Drummond

    10. What Underlies Autoimmunity - Dr. Keesha Ewers

    11. How To Successfully Navigate Perimenopause - Dr. Mariza Snyder

    12. Best Practices for Menopause (Including Bioidentical Hormones) - Dr. Shawn Tassone

    13. The Life-Changing Experience of Having Fibroids - Chunte Bates

    14. Teaching Your Tweens About Their Cycle - Tara Ghosh

    15. The Radical Act of Being A Doula - Chama Woydak

    16. Period Poverty and Its Health Impact On Menstruators - Anusha Singh

    17. More Bonuses!

About this course

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  • 17 lessons


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  • Hormone basics that you’ve been missing out on

  • Tracking your cycle for both health and fertility reasons

  • Why your adrenals and thyroid are so important for hormonal health

  • How working on your pelvic area may be the key to dealing with endometriosis, painful periods, and reproductive issues

  • The role that our environment plays when it comes to hormones, and what to do about it

  • The surprising truth that underlies autoimmunity

  • How long haulers impacts different areas of our health, including our hormones

  • That fibroids can teach us deep lessons about ourselves

  • How to empower yourself, girls, and menstruating people when it comes to period and birthing health

  • That perimenopause and menopause aren’t the end – they are a new beginning!


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