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It's the 100 Million Dollar question!

Your doctor is probably telling you to get on birth control, a hormone blocker, or, if the fibroid is big enough and causing a bunch of problems, to get surgery.

While these are all options to be considered, you do have other options, too. In this 30 minute webinar, you'l learn:
  • What a fibroid is, their different locations, and which type causes what symptoms

  • The role of gut inflammation on hormone receptors

  • The underlying causes of fibroids (yes, they didn't just pop out of nowhere!)

  • What you can do to naturally support your body when you have a fibroid, including diet, supplements, and lifestyle changes

  • Which hormone lab tests can help you determine how your estrogen is metabolizing, which plays a major role in fibroids.

Don't make decisions about what to do concerning your fibroid(s) until you've watched this webinar. Being informed gives you a chance to make decisions from an empowered place! Plus, you'll get a free gift for attending.