taught by Christine Garvin, MA, NE

Course description

Discover Yourself and Achieve Better Health, More Wealth, and a Life Full of Joy!

Most of us women desire change that will bring us better health, more wealth, and a deeper sense of joy. Yet we don't understand what it takes to make real, lasting changes that truly bring us the things that we desire. 

In this program you will learn not only how to achieve the things you really want in your life, but also why your previous attempts at making long-term changes failed. You'll deepen your relationship to and love for yourself, witness your strengths in bigger and better ways, and finally break the patterns that have tripped you up over and over again. 

The Metamorphosis program is a true letting go of the old you, and ushering in the new one, full of more confidence, compassion, and tools to get whatever you want out of your life, whether that be love, money, or simply a happier daily existence. You deserve to have magic in your life, everyday!

In this course you will learn:

  • Ten different approaches to health and healing that will lead you to your best, most powerful self
  • The science behind change, how to use it to your benefit, and how to notice pitfalls BEFORE you fall in
  • Hacks that will catapult your health to the next level quickly
  • Group support that will be there over the long-term

The contents of the course include:

  • 5 modules with 12 lessons via video that take you through the process of each healing tool
  • Worksheets that allow you to dive deep into your process and help you understand why you find yourself stuck or frustrated
  • Photos to help guide you in the areas of personal bodywork, EFT, and Nutrition
  • A breakdown of personality testing, Astrology, Shadow Work, and resistance so that you can achieve the biggest breakthroughs possible
  • An "Integration Ritual" to seal the deal at the end of the course

Bonus content includes:

  • Worksheets and videos with tips for rapid health improvement (worth $99)
  • Access to a private group with other students and instructor (worth $59 monthly)
  • Course completion certification

What past participants are saying:

"I would be stressed. I would actually feel oppressed by it. I knew the stress was affecting my body in a negative way (knowing THAT also stressed me out).  After the Metamorphosis program, when feeling stressed or overwhelmed, I recognize it and realize I have healthier ways to deal with it. I have several tools that help me deal with it so it doesn't escalate into poor choices for me. The Meta approach is like none other I have tried. It's really sticking with me. I understand myself and my personality better." - Kaye B. 

“I’ve struggled with anxiety my entire life, and with that comes the endless desire to find sustainable peace. Metamorphosis provided me the tools I needed to take care of myself, and has helped me establish patterns in my life that honor my joy and help me carry my anxiety as a shadow, not a burden.” – Michelle G.

“The sacred teachings that Christine offers are so special. They shined a spotlight on what holds me back, and gave me the tools to bust those restraints while learning self-compassion to work through it all.” – Amber K.

Instructor Bio:

Christine Garvin, MA, NE, is a holistic health teacher and dance performer. She holds a Masters in Holistic Health Education and is a certified Nutrition Educator. After becoming mysteriously ill at age 23, she embarked on a path of healing that has led to the most vibrant health of her life at age 38. She learned that healing is not a straight and narrow path, and that eating the "right" foods and exercising the "right" way won't get you there. Over the last 15 years, she has tried just about every mind, body, and spiritual approach to healing, and has culled out what works best for both her clients and herself. She loves teaching women how to lift themselves up in all areas of their life, including mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual endeavors. She runs Christine Garvin Dance+Transform, based in Asheville, NC.


Why should I take this course?

If you feel stuck in your life, whether you want a new career, a better relationship with your body, are looking for love or want to improve the relationship you currently have, are dealing with chronic health issues, or just want to generally feel happier in your day-to-day, this is the course for you. It provides the tools to clear out blocks to getting what you want, and teaches you about yourself in ways that will help you to thrive from here on out.

Who is this course geared towards?

Though it can help younger women who are already on a path of self-discovery, this course will benefit women the most who are in their late 20s into their 60s, who have come to understand that the what their life looks like on the outside is a reflection on what is happening inside. If you don't like your life the way it is, change it from the inside out.

What will I get from this course?

By the end of the course, you'll have learned about 10 solid tools that can change your life very quickly (and help you stay focused on your changes!). At the very end of the course, you'll have a chance to choose which tools worked best for you and create your own "magical toolbox." 

Is there a community component?

Yes, we have a private FB Metamorphosis Mastermind group that you will be added to after purchasing the course. This is a great way to learn about other people's experiences and feel supported in your process.


In person, this program retails for $599. But I want to help as many women out as possible, so I am offering this online version for only $199. Because I believe so much in your ability to make some real, concrete changes in your life with this course, I offer a 100% money-back guarantee within 30 days of purchase.  


If you want to achieve dreams that have been sitting on the backburner, or you've been feeling stuck or lacking in your life, now is the time to take action. When you do the work and use the tools, changes happen quickly! Let's get you to where you want to go!

Christine Garvin, MA, NE
Christine Garvin, MA, NE

Christine Garvin, MA, NE, is a Whole Health Coach and dancer. She holds a Masters in Holistic Health Education from JFKU and is a certified Nutrition Educator from Bauman College in Berkeley, CA. After becoming mysteriously ill at age 23, she embarked on a path of healing that has led to the most vibrant health of her life at age 39. Over the last 16 years, she has tried just about every mind, body, and energetic approach to healing in order to cull out what works best for her clients. She teaches women how to heal themselves in all areas of their life, including mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual, and has worked for Clif Bar and Renaissance Club Sport. She runs Christine Garvin Dance+Transform, based in Asheville, NC.

Feel free to contact her with questions at christinegarvin@christinegarvin.com.